Due to a new file management system in Android 11 (and higher) is complicated to browse the device memory to select SHP for import. The LocusGIS can import / export SHP only from its PRIVATE FOLDER located 


Unfortunately, most default system file browsers cannot list this folder. However, there are several solutions:

Import from Cloud

LocusGIS can import/export from cloud services. At this moment OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox are supported. There are no limitations and we suggest importing data from the cloud.

Alternative File browsers

There are alternative file browsers that can write and copy data to the mentioned LocusGIS private folder. Please install the Total Commander or Solid File Explorer and follow the after-installation steps to enable all file access. 

  • It's needed to enable All File Access Permission for Total Commander app or Solid File Explorer app
  • Open Total Commander or Solid File Explorer app and go to the folder /Android/data/menion.android.locus.gis/files/LocusGIS
  • The app asks to allow access to this folder

  • After that copy all SHP files from the initial folder to the LocusGIS private folder: 
  • Finally, use import in LocusGIS and select the copied files