Due to the recent changes in the Android file system, it is necessary to transfer the app data to the private folder in /Android/data/ directory after the app update. 

  • during the app initialization, you are notified of the app directory /Locus/ stored in the unsupported part of the internal storage:     
  • after accepting it, you can select the private folder into which the data will be transferred - either in the internal storage or on the external SD card (app can be significantly slower) 
  •  Locus smoothly transfers all the original data into its private folder
  •  the process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your data
  •  after the app restarts, all is done and working as before

What if I refuse?

  • you can go on using the app as before
  • you can move the original data any time also from the app main menu or from settings > miscellaneous > default directories > Set the main directory