Unfortunately, LocusGIS doesn't provide any built-in NTRIP client at this moment. Anyway, it's still possible to use precise or corrected coordinates directly in LocusGIS.

Several manufactures provide an Android app that enables connection with the antenna and also processes the real-time correction.  

1. NTRIP client app  

Please check if the manufacturer provides any app (eq. Trimble GNSS Status, Stonex Connector). We can suggest a generic Lefebure NTRIP Client app that is able to connect with the GNSS device and can provide the corrections. 

Please install the app from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lefebure.ntripclient

2. Enable Mock Location

With mock location, it's possible to replace the default system GPS coordinates with the corrected ones provided by the NTRIP client app. Here is a basic tutorial to allow mock locations on almost every Android device. 

Unlock the developer options

  • Please locate the Build Number section (Settings > About Phone/Device 

  • Tap on the Build Number several times (about 7 times) to unlock the Developer Option section

Allow mock location

  • Go back to the system settings and open a new section "Developer Options"
  • In the developer options enable "Allow Mock Locations"

Select mock location app

  • open again system settings he system settings > Developer Options > Select mock location app
  • now select the NTRIP Client app (eq.  Lefebure NTRIP)

   Please see article Allow Mock Locations on Android for more info about mock location.


3. Start LocusGIS 

Mock Location provider shares the corrected coordinates with other apps and replaces the "real" coordinates from the internal GPS sensor.  So there are no additional settings in the LocusGIS (only enable Getting location if disabled)