Subscription payments for LocusGIS Premium are completely managed by Google Play Store. Locus GIS can't influence it.

If you're trying to make payments for your Google service using an Indian debit or credit card and your card is being rejected, here's what you can do.

Try another credit card (not a debit card)

Due to issues with the 3D Secure verification service, Google doesn't accept Indian debit cards for automatic payments - as mentioned on Google Support

However, there are some cards that will work. HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, and some other cards (MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron). For more information about it please see the discussion on Quora    

Alternative payment methods

There are other alternative payment methods supported by Google Play in India. Please see the article Accepted payment methods on Google Play

Mobile phone billing 

With some mobile devices and service plans, you can charge purchases to your carrier bill. Participating carriers in India:

  • Idea
  • Vodafone

Google Play balance and Google Play gift cards

For more info about balance and gift cards, please see:

Custom licensing without Google Play

We offer the possibility to order a license outside Google Play and pay via bank transfer. But there are the following requirements:

  • you are a self-employed person or a company with a registered VAT ID in the country of origin
  • you will order a license for at least 3 devices
  • only standard bank transfer is supported

For more info please see the article Custom Licensing without Google Play