The data layer as the basic element for data collection can have three different statuses: Editable, Read-only and Locked. 


The default status for all new or imported layers. The editable status allows adding or editing new elements, editing layer's attributes or the appearance of the layer's element


The read-only status allows you to select elements, open their detail and display the attribute values. But it's not possible to add a new element, edit element values or edit layer's attributes. Read-only status prevents accidentally change or delete the elements.


The locked status is similar to read-only. It's not possible to edit the element nor the layer attributes. Moreover, it's not possible to select an element on the map. No action is performed when the user clicks on the point/line/polygon of a locked layer. This is useful when you need to display layers in the background as an info layer. 

How to change the layer status

  • Open Menu > Layers > Options of the layer> Settings
  • Click on dropdown 'Layer status'

  • change the status