Locus GIS app is available in the Basic and Premium versions. Both versions have the same functionality but the Basic version is limited in the number of data and map layers. Please see the Basic version limitations for more info.  For work with multiple projects and layers is needed to purchase a premium subscription.

How much does it cost?

The Premium subscription is offered as monthly or as an annual subscription, where the prices are:

  • 2.99 Euro + VAT for first 3 months, then 8.99 Euro + VAT for a monthly subscription 
  • 89.99 Euro + VAT for an annual subscription

How to subscribe?

  • Open Menu > My Subscription > login with your account (if required)
  • Tap on Monthly or Annually subscription
  • Process purchase via Google Payment. If you subscribe for the first time (no matter if monthly or annually) you get 7 days trial and you'll be charged after the trial  period

Introduction price

The first purchase of the monthly subscription gives you the possibility to use the app in Premium mode for 3 months for the introduction price.

How to pay?

The purchase of LocusGIS Premium is maintained via Google Play. The accepted payment methods vary according to the country of the purchase. Please see Accepted payment methods

If you require an invoice for your purchase, please see the article How to obtain an invoice for the Google Play subscription purchase

Pay via bank transfer or without Google Play

We prepared also the solution that allows the purchasing of premium subscriptions completely outside Google Play. In case that you want to use LocusGIS Premium but you can't use Google Play billing (e.q. pay via bank transfer). Please see the article Custom Licensing without Google Play for more information. 

How to cancel?

To cancel subscription open Menu > My Subscription > tap on "Manage subscription" button > tap on "Cancel subscription"

You can still use the app in Premium mode 

What happens after you cancel?

You can still use the app for the time that was paid by subscription. When subscription will finally expire the app will switch to the basic mode and all your projects will become 'Export only'. It means that you can open the project, export collected data but you can't collect new data or display any layers. Of course, you can always restart the subscription to use the app in Premium.