Collected data in your layers can be exported as a CSV file.             

Select Layer for export

  • Open layer manager <icon-layers>
  • Tap layer options <icon-three -dots> > open Settings
  • Tap export as CSV

   Export attributes

  • Define the name of the exported CSV file (1) (by default the name of the layer is used)
  • Tap on the <icon_pencil> to define path for export (2) . It's possible to export the CSV file into local memory or on Cloud. Dropbox and Google Drive are supported. Please see more info about the export location
  • Define or change the Reference system for geometry columns (3)
  • Define how to export the geometry (4) - by default two additional columns with X and Y coordinates are created. For the Lines and polygons, the centroid of every geometry is used. An additional option is export geometry as WKT representation. You can export the complete geometry of lines and polygons with this option.