The application can import the SHP file into the project as the new vector layer. You can display data, set the style, and browse data in the attribute table. The source SHP file is not influenced if you perform any change in the layer that was created from imported SHP. When you finish collection you can export layer back to SHP file.

Import SHP file

  • Open layer manager 
  • Tap on the green PLUS button
  • Select Import SHP File (1)

Select a file for import

  • You can import SHP file from device memory, Dropbox or Google Drive  (2)
  • Select .shp file to import it. (3)

Select shp for import

New layer settings

  • Set the name of the new layer (4)
  • Check encoding and Coordinate reference system (5),(6)
  • You can also customize the style (see Style tab)
  • Submit import (7)

Submit import