The sketch is a special version of feature attachment.  It's useful when you want to highlight some specific detail on the taken photo or when you need to draw the simple sketch as additional info for your data collection. 

To add a new attachment, open feature detail and  select 'Add attachment' (1)  from bottom panel > Draw a sketch

Select background

Firstly, it is needed to select the type of background for your drawing. There are following options:

  • Empty background - the white canvas
  • Take a map screenshot - app creates a screenshot of the main map window (in the last used zoom and map position) and sets it as background. You can highlight some parts on the map with these options. The features are also printed on the screenshot - according to the order and visibility of the layers
  • Take a photo - app starts the camera to take the photo that's used as background

Draw a sketch

App offers the following tools for drawing: 

  • Brush (1) - select it and draw by finger (stylus). Only one default thickness is available at this moment
  • Color (2) - you can change the color of the drawing
  • Eraser (3) - use it for removing part of the sketch
  • Undo & Re-do (4) - help to revert your steps

Finally, save the sketch by submit button (5).