The application enables to see features values of a particular layer in the attribute table. Every row in the table represents one feature and its values. Features in the table can be searched or sorted.

To display the attribute table, open Layer manager <icon_layers> > options of the layer > Attribute table        

Column to display

By default, some columns (attributes) are hidden due to the limited size of mobile devices. To display another one change column via header switcher


Values can be sorted by any value in descending or ascending order. To sort value use button (2)


The attribute table offers the possibility to search features by the value of attributes. In the search dialog, select a column that will be used in search and define the search term. The type of attribute (text, date, number) influences the possibility of setting of search term or filter. 

The clip below shows how to search using the 'contain' filter. You can see it's needed to select a column for search and search terms.