Label settings

Labels show information about elements directly on the map.

To change the style of labels:

  • Open layer manager panel
  • Tap layer options  > open Settings

In the Layer setting open tab LABELS

  • Enable / display labels (1)

Select attribute

Open drop-down list (2) and choose the attribute. The attribute value will be shown as a label of a feature on the map.

Label style

Text size - change it by tapping +/- buttons (3)

Text color - tap the color picker and select color for text.  For more details about picking color see Select color section.

Outline and background

For better readability set the outline (4) to highlight the text or draw background rectangle under the text of the label (see the example below). Outline thickness or rectangle size can't be changed.

Select color

There are 3 modes of color selection:

Basic mode

Tap the palette to make your selection (1). Change the color opacity by slider below (2).

Advanced mode

Select color by the slider on the right and then tap the color gradient to pick the right shade (1). Confirm your selection by tapping the color preview (2)

Code mode

You can change color also by redefining its code - select HEX, RGB  or HSV code