Vector data layer is the basic element for data collection or for data presentation in the field. Data layer defines features and theirs metadata. In the begining you need to decide if you want to map points, lines or polygons (area)

New Layer

  • Open current project <icon_projects>
  • tap on green PLUS button <icon_plus_green>
  • select New empty layer

Basic layer settings

New Layer basic parameters

On the first TAB of the new layer dialog set:

  • Name of layer (1)
  • Encodig (2) - we suggest to use default UTF-8. (It defines the encoding of SpatiaLite DB that is used for storing the data)
  • Type (3) - important parameter that defines type of geometry that can be collected with this layer. Only points can be collected for "Point" layer, lines for Line type and areas for Polygon type. It's not possible to change type of geometry, when layer is created.
  • Coordinate reference system (4) - spatial reference system (SRS) to store data. You can change it and search for alternative SRS by name or by EPSG code

Attributes - form definition

On the attributes tab can be defined or edited fields (form) for collected data. At least one attribute has to be defined. To add new attribute tap on green PLUS button > define the name of attribute and type of the attribute

Supported types

  • Text data - simple un-formatted text
  • Integer - whole number
  • Decimal number - real number
  • Date - date and time, by default is set current date but can be changed
  • Yes/No - useful for logical attribute
  • Enumeration - it enables to set predefined values and select any value from drop-down list during data collection.
    • Tap on<pencil_icons> to edit values
    • Last used - You can also select default value that's automatically set during data collection. The default value is last used option.
  • Automatic numbering - custom 'integer' column. It's value is automatically increased when new feature is created.

Required field

Every attribute can be signed as required. The value for such fields has to be defined else is not possible to create new feature.