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Add scale & grid coordinate to Draw a Sketch with take map screenshot

Hi petr

I use LG 15.1 it is great for my work, new tools very good, I used ( Draw a Sketch with take map screenshot ) it is amazing. My idea it is possible to add north direction, scale and add something like grid coordinate to Map screenshot? This idea made app create simple maps like QGIS or arcGIS.

With all best wishes


(424 KB)

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Brilliant idea!!
Great idea!
very good idea, it is useful, thank .


It is good idea, I had same thing, it is made you deal with features and Raster in this App. I looking that in next version.



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Many thanks Petr, I am so glad to know you will work on this idea, I looking forward the result. as for map location in  quick attachments or  with other place your are decide that.

best wishes


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Thank you for an idea. Honestly this feature should be used for quick attachments not for 'map' generation. However I can understand it. Please vote (set like) if you're interested in. 

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