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Ntrip lefebure connect with Locus GIS

Hello, can I get RTK survey quality in the Locus GIS program? or how can I connect the ntrip client lefebure to the locus gis app. is there a manual or not possible at all? Samsung Galaxy A5 with Android 8.0

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it's possible to use Lefebure Ntrip client app with LocusGIS. The goal is tu use the Ntrip app as mock up location provider.

  • Please see the section 3.1 at the article and enable 'Developer options'
  • After that please open Android settings > Developer options > Select mock location app > and select Lefebure Ntrip client app
  • start Lefebure NTRIP app and enable GPS Mock Locations in the settings > receiver settings > enable GPS Mock Locations
  • finally start Locus and enable GPS (as you'd use system GPS)

With this settings the Lefebure NTRIP app share the corrected coordinates into system and LocusGIS can cunstume it without any settings. 

Thanks, Petr

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