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Unstable / not working connection with external GPS equipment


Dear Forum members,

Today we did some tests using external GPS equipment to measure polygons with LocusGIS. We used Trimble R2 and Emlid Reach (RTK) equipment. Via the LocusGIS Bluetooth manager, connections were made with the GPS’s.

At first instance, measurements using the Trimble R2 succeeded well, but is was remarkable that the LocusGIS GPS screen did not show any satellites. It seemed that the LocusGIS Bluetooth connection with external GPS was faltering from on to off. The connection between the Android device (smartphone) and the external GPS seemed to be fine.

After the first measurements we were not able to establish a stabile connection anymore. Probably it has something to do with the LocusGIS parameters?  although they look pretty straightforward to me.

Does anybody have experience using external GPS equipment and is there maybe a step to step approach to eliminate possible incorrect settings?

Thanks in advance,

Martinus Vranken

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honestly we have no experience with these devices but I'd ask you for following:

  • please open  Menu > Settings > GPS & Sensors > and set NMEA recording to "Always"
  • try to connect the bluetooth antenna and wait until connection is lost or poor
  • use arbitrary bile manager and go to the /LocusGIS/data/nmea and send us the latest nmean message file
  • finally open again the Menu > Settings > GPS & Sensors > and disable NMEA recording
  • we'll check the NMEA file and we try to find out the reason of mentioned issue.

Anyway, I'd suggest to use Trimble Mobile Manager for connections between Android device and the external Trimble antena. Trimble Mobile Manager offer possibility to use Mobile Manager app as mock-up location provider. If you enable it in Android settings every app and also LocusGIS can consume the precise coordinates provided by Trimble Mobile Manager app. 

I quickly tested the Emlid Android app and it seems that it's not possible to use it as mock-up location provider.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info about mock-up provider and how to set it. 



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