New mapping flow

In the latest bate version 0.15.0 is available completely new system for adding new features.

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Hello, I don' really understand why is there any need for two buttons  for adding features on the same screen. What was the problem with the former one? Will it be deleted after a while (hope not)?

As to myself, I was completely satisfyed with the old way of adding features. It wouldn't even be a problem if the new workflow took the old one's place, as both do the job just as well. I just don't feel the necessity for two buttons with the same purpose (but with dfferent workflow).

Don't take my claim as a negative critic, You are still the best out there, with the best mobile GIS app!

Dear Zvara,

we really planning to remove the left panel in some of the next version. Current "two buttons" are here only for transitional period.  Is there any complication with bottom panel, please?

Then it's fine, bottom "new workflow" button works just as fine. How will "add new point" and "add new multipoint" and other submenu option appear in new menu?

All geometries are by default 'multi geometries'. Tap on PLUS button > select point layer > add one point for single point or select several points for 'multipoint'

Oh, I asked only because I thought that selecting "add new point" would be listed as "SINGLEPOINT" in attributes table, and "add new multipoint" would be listed as "MULTIPOINT".
Don't know what is the English text, LGIS is half-Hungarian, half-English. Didn't even found the language settings.

In both of cases is point saved as multi-point geometry, but it doesn't have any impact on stored data. Regarding translation - the translations are maintained by community of users (there are some benefits for translated word). Please create private ticket if you're interested in translations and I'll send you more info. Thanks Petr

I'd like to use English language only, and there are Hungarian translations as well, but I can't find language settings. Sorry, this should be a different topic.

You're right it would be better to create new topic. However you can set default device language to english 

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