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shape file import polygon simplification at lower zooms

Hi overall i love the locus gis system. it works extremely well with qgis.

The problem that I have encountered is that when you import a shape file, it defaults to simplifying the shape at lower zooms (ie zoomed out). I am bringing in large simple polygons (squares and shapes with less than 20 or so vertices and up to 5km across) which define the boundaries of properties. they come into locusgis well, but when you zoom out to look at a large view they are automatically simplified ie the number of vertices used to display them is reduced, and a square might look like a triangle etc. It is only a display problem as they return to the correct shape when zoomed in.

This does not happen when displaying kml files as all points are honoured at all scales, So I assume that it occurs as locusgis is treating them like a route where there are mutliple vertices, so simplifiying reduces the processing required while still giving an accurate representation of the shape.

I was wondering if it was possible to have a toggle either while importing or in the properties box to require the program to honour all points, or allow simplifications at lower zooms.

If there is a cost involved I would be happy to put some cash in for the change. otherwise it is a surprisingly powerful and likeable gis for android.

thanks very much for your consideration.

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